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We´re top of the mountain!, recycling and meatballs.

Yesterday, we went on an excursion to the mountain. We saw a beautiful view of Ezcaray and we took lots of photos and ate sandwiches. We went shopping in Ezcaray and after dinner watched the Simpsons movie.

Claudia, Villar, Sofia and Andrea.

This morning we had class with Donnacha and learnt about the environment. Then we had free time and played games in our groups. The games were about pollution and the environment.

Sorin, Claudia C, Marta and Sara.

After lunch we had free time and after that we had a quiz. Our group called Walnuts won a prize.

Javier, David, Juan and Nil.

Flower power Wednesday

Sara, Elsa, Anna and Julia: Last night for dinner, we ate fish soup, potatoes and fish. After dinner we played the night activity. The night activity was monitor hunt. We liked it because it was fun and the camp is beautiful.

Laia, Maria and Ana: This morning we woke up at 8 o´clock and we brushed our teeth. After breakfast we went to English class. We learned about the flora. After this we made flowers and saw a video about photosynthesis.

Xan, Iago and Raul: We ate lunch at half past 1. We had rice and tomatoes, chicken and salad. At 3pm, we made a leaf book. We liked it a lot. In the competition of books, the pines had 3 votes but the becches got 4 votes. They were the champions and won a star.

Around the world in 24 hours…. Tuesday

Iker, Hugo, Carlos and Manel:

Last night, we played cluedo. We had to find clues in our groups. Pine got the star because they won the game. After the children went to bed. We didn´t sleep but we were talking a lot after 11pm.

David Z, Julia, Judith and Mohamed:

This morning we had class. Our teacher was Donnacha and the theme was The Earth. After class we played a rely  game. Later Erich counted the children and when he was finished, we returned to the activities.

Nerea, Irene, Alvaro, and Laura:

At 1.30pm, we went to lunch. Today, the menu was pasta and meat. After lunch, we brushed our teeth and had free time. At 3pm, we made a map of Africa. Afterwards, we eat our sandwich and played with the other students.